Why Sundays Are Important for Your Mental Health

I love, love, love Sundays.

In college, I worked every weekend, so until recently I’d never really appreciated the magic that is a Sunday.

In my view, Friday night and all of Saturday are always gone by in a flash. Sunday, however, usually goes slower and is more relaxed. After a long week and a busy first half of the weekend, this is usually much needed!

 Why Sundays are important for your mental health 

If I have plans on a Sunday, it is almost always exclusively with family and friends. I often cook or bake on Sundays, and have long conversations with those closest to me. I usually take a nap in the afternoon, which is an amazing feeling. These moments are treasures, and are a great way to set yourself up for the week ahead.

I really believe that time like that, lazy days meant for the things you enjoy most, are crucial for your mental health. The long week of school or work can be so demanding, so a time of rest should be something you deliberately plan into your schedule. 


Why Sundays are important for your mental health

The perfect day for a (cat) nap!

Reset. Plan your meals for the week. Cook a warm, filling meal. Bake. Relax with your pet. Have a cup of coffee with a friend. Watch some football. Take a nap. Eat a cupcake. Enjoy the weather. Try not to think about Monday. Just be.


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